Menards Newest Boxcar Pictures

Some good looking cars, To bad for me it's just not my area! but at the rate they are going I am sure some more for my area will come out! Hint BNSF! LOL


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Mike, engines would be one thing when modeling an area but freight cars could and can come from anywhere. Road names of railroads that were absorbed by other railroads still could be seen for years after  the mergers. I watch the web can at Rochelle and I still see freight cars in BN colors.................Paul

It amazes me that Menard's is able to produce such nice products at reasonable prices. I have three of their buildings on a 2 rail scale pike that people seem to love.  They are often surprised when I tell them they came from Menard's with all that great detail, lighting and scale authenticity. I bought two of their scale sized flat cars to convert to 2 rail because the store had them on clearance after Christmas last year for $10/each!! Incredible!

They make some nice scenery products too...

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