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Good Morning Everyone,

Did I miss the opportunity to order and do a "Happy Dance!!!! ?"

I see the Menards HO Mystery Box is Available ( 2 Buildings).

As I build Small Layouts for Kids in Need in O, HO and N; I ordered one to see what I might get.

It is cold up here in Minnesota. Everyone Stay Warm!!!


Steve Widmer

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Steve from Minnesota:

Thank You All for the replies. Just came back from X-country Skiing Wow! Cold...Wind chill -25.

I tried the Menards Site to determine if HO Mystery Box is still available. It is not. I called my Local Menards in Apple Valley, They did a search and indicated it may no longer be available at this time. They could not confirm if it is coming back.

Everyone enjoy the day! If it is cold out bundle up.


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