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I'm in the process of laying out hardwired power supplies for Menards Buildings on RC3R's 12x15 modular layout. We have a half dozen of the pre-lit vehicles. While the buildings have the current draw listed, the vehicles do not.

Does anyone know how much current each of the pre-lit vehicles draw?

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That number may not be very consistent among vehicles.? You're almost better off looking at building use per/led and hoping for the best match thatr way. (skip those with incandescent/"special" lamps/motors)

(this test is usually well within a cheap multimeters amp limits to check a few properly. (meter goes in series on one power leg)

A way to test a supply is large enough without cooking it is to run a fuse rated at 75% of the output.

& for fun, if that fuse doesn't blow, keep lowering until it does. Now you know that you use slightly more than the cooked fuse, slightly less than the last fuse that didn't blow.

I might up that fuse 1/2a if wire size allowed or no board traces are involved. (Traces take more heat consideration as out of sight out of mind applies)

Fuses are available in fractions of amps too if you look at industrial supply houses vs auto supply or big box. Useful tools sometimes. Between fractions and slo-blows, etc. you can also tune the saftey up, or false trip quirks out of a lot of circuits. (and Im not too fond of wall warts; another fuse only helps.{some do have a fuse inside, some dont.})



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