Hi Chris,

Here's a link to the accessory pack. Along with 2 LED light strips, each pack includes several items that come in handy when hooking up buildings and lighted accessories.

  • (2) 4" LED Tape Lights: Add lighting to your buildings and accessories! Each strip provides bright lighting with simple Plug & Play connection.
  • (1) 4-Way Splitter: Hook up multiple buildings and/or light up vehicles at one time with a single power supply!
  • (3) "Y" Splitters: Split one power supply two ways! Use in conjunction with our extensions for even more versatility!
  • (1 of Each) 3-Foot, 4-Foot and 5-Foot Extensions: Avoid frustration when your cord isn't quite long enough! Our Plug & Play extensions provide a great solution for wiring hard-to-reach buildings and accessories. And, the best part is you don't have to cut, splice or solder your wires!

Thank you,
Mark the Menards Train Guy

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