Menards Train Sales?

I was wondering how much in train stuff sales does Menards do a year.   I have absolutely no idea but I imagine they realize more just from the sale of 2x4x8's.  Anyone want to venture a guess?

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Much like Lionel's, MTH's and others train sale statistics, it's none of our business and we'll most likely never know.  I'm fine with that.

Even seeing the reception here, it would be hard to guess as we are a small sample of the hobby.


No clue how much they sell, just hope it is enough to keep doing it. As for the "why", I imagine like any other business, if you have something the competition doesn't and people buy it, it is a good thing. That, and somebody there seems to really like trains.

Oh, and what is a "WAG"?


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I'm gonna take a gander that WAG = wild A** guess

That's correct.

As a point of information, a WAG is not quite as accurate as a "SWAG" which is a Scientific Wild A** Guess.  

SWAG is also widely know in the TV business as "Stuff We Ain't Getting".  It usually en tales Free shirts, hats, and jackets from the network passed out to crew members who do little to nothing but are part of the "production team" rather than the "technical team".


The sales may or may not mean anything -- rumor has it the owner John Menard is a train guy, oh, and he is a billionaire.

Given the size of the company #37 on Forbes list of largest in the country, with 45,000 employees, and north of 9.5 billion in annual revenues. By comparison in a 2013 article Lionel said they had total annual revenues of 100 million. That is an 8.5 billion dollar a year difference, or roughly $23 million dollars a day in Menards favor. I kind of doubt the financials of Menards are moved by $19.95 box cars, unless they are selling 2.5 million of them a year, at which point they are worth 190th of Menards total sales of 9.5 billion dollars. ��



I realize there is no answer to the question and that those sales are infinitesimal.  That being said I'm amazed at the level of customer service they offer for something that has little effect on their bottom line.  Thank you Menards. 

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