Mentor Ohio - History Made with CSX Intermodal Q001 blowing horn last time at new Plaza Blvd crossing

Well this made history. It's not the last train horn being blown here at the very soon to be open crossing of Plaza Blvd between Route 20 & Tyler Blvd near Toys R Us, but the very last time Q001 will blow the horn for this crossing. Why? Because first off, Q001 only runs once a week on Tuesdays and 2nd, this crossing opens tomorrow at 12PM and the quiet zone goes into effect. So if you ever see a CSX westbound intermodal on a Tuesday in Northeast Ohio after 5PM with mostly UPS, that's Q001. 001 is CSX's hottest train which runs from Little Ferry NJ to Bedford Park IL. But anyway, this video below also gives you an idea of how this crossing will work with the gates.

If someone will probably notice the flickering flashing red LED crossing lights? Well that's because for some reason, my video camera picked that up that way. In person, they don't do that.

Also if someone is confused as to why the crossing gate closest in the video goes down and then the other side of the tracks is a delay, is because there is also the not as busy NS Lake Erie District mainline that, that gate on the other side goes down first. This way if someone is stuck in the middle as the first gate on the other side goes down by NS, the CSX gives a few seconds delay and lets that car go through and then that CSX south gate goes down.



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