I'm thinking of getting a collection of rolling stock Menards cars for a boy I know for Christmas. All of their cars are very affordable compared to other manufacturers.


Any suggestions. Variety & best quality are desirable. Thanks

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I would suggest considering purchasing Fastrack (easier to use and less likely to cause hand injuries than Menard's track) and a LionChief loco to go along with the rolling stock.  Purchased second hand would be most economical, but a deeply discounted starter set would also be good value.  Yields basic command control features and sound for the least outlay.   Also gets you a power supply and extra rolling stock.  Would also check the rolling ability of the freight cars as occasional cars haven't always rolled smoothly.  No question Menard's rolling stock is good value and appropriate for rougher handling than most other contemporary products.

Go to Menards.com and in the search field type in these words: train stuff.

Then, scroll through the current product listings to see what you think the boy might like. Open hopper cars are often popular with younger children because they like to put stuff inside. Boxcars with colorful schemes, such as the M&M cars just released, are a safe bet.

If it is for an older child, you’ll have to assess his interests to make your choices. 

Jim R. 

Should you decide to use Menards track, when putting together start by inserting one pin in a hole at a time. Once this is done the track should go together easy. I'm 73 years old and am very old school. I prefer the tubular track over Lionel's Fast Track. However, if the young man can't do the above then definitely go with the Fast Track.

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