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LCCA - A Welcome to All LRRC members!

A special warm welcome to all LRRC members! - We at the LCCA want to welcome all new LRRC members into the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA)!  You will be getting a welcome pack sent by Lionel that will explain the process that Lionel has set up with the LCCA for a smooth membership transfer from the Lionel Railroader Club (LRRC) to membership in the LCCA.  A brief summary is that you will continue to get Lionel Catalogs, discounts in the, and continued access to special club products.  .

If you are just joining the LCCA, be sure to look at the number of benefits available with club membership.  (link here for Member Benefits details).  You will receive issues of both the Award Winning 'The Lion Roars' and the 'Interchange Track'.  You will remain on the mailing list for Lionel catalogs.  The discounts will continue (with the same limitations) for ALL LCCA members.  That is correct, Lionel is extending the same discount to ALL LCCA members, both our new members from the LRRC and our existing LCCA members!  

WOW!! that means that those members who were LRRC members will maintain all the benefits offered by Lionel for the LRRC, but also pick up all the benefits of being in the LCCA.  And LCCA members will get the added benefit of the Lionelstore discount.

Lionel has made it possible for all LRRC members to receive LCCA publications delivered to their homes starting with the October issue of "The Lion Roars'.  They will also receive the November issue of the 'Interchange Track' and the December issue of 'The Lion Roars'.  At year end 2014, LRRC members will decide on the type of LCCA membership best suits their personal preferences.

The LCCA offers a number of Membership options - and there is one to meet your needs. 

  • Regular Member (RM) receives all publications (9 per year) via USPS mail.  Cost for this membership is $35.00 per year
  • Electronic Member (EM) can view all publications on line, but does not receive publications via USPS.  EM's do get membership cards and other documents via mail, but no publications.  Cost for this membership is only $25.00 per year, saving members the cost of publication and distribution of the Magazines.
  • Junior Member (JM) is a special membership set up for children under 18 years.  JM's receive 'the Lion Roars' and 'The Lion Cub' via USPS mail.   JM's cannot purchase in the LCCA store without parent consent.  JM's personal information is not published in the club roster.  The LCCA is proud of its JM program - and offers it at the reduced rate of $25.00 per year.
  • Overseas Members (OM's) are always welcome as LCCA members.  They have the option of mailed publications or electronic publications.

There will be more information on member types and your options in upcoming documents. 

Stay tuned.  If you have provided your e-mail address, you will shortly be receiving e-blasts from the club.  They are sent every 2-3 weeks - be on the lookout for them - make sure you set your computer to accept the LCCA e-blasts.  LRRC members will start getting their member number and password this week.  When you do, feel free to explore the LCCA web site. Go to the 'members only' section where you can create an alternate password, you can (and should) check your name in the club roster, or visit the club store.

Like all organizations, membership in the LCCA has benefits.  And like most organizations, the more you share of yourself, the more you get out of the club.  I encourage you to not only look at LCCA volunteer positions that need to be filled, but to choose an area and contact Sal Gambino, our volunteer committee head, the business office or myself.  Be sure to check them out at this link for Volunteers

To our new LRRC members, you are now part of the Best Toy Train Club on the Planet.  As we complete the member transfer and you have full access to the LCCA website, know that the Officers, Directors and Appointed officials are glad that you are now part of the LCCA.  Feel welcome, participate in special events, check out our video gallery.  This is your club, enjoy all it has to offer.

Welcome All,

Dennis DeVito  RM 6758
LCCA President and Fellow Member

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