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"This week’s good news is that our spray masks have been transferred to the new
builder. Just a few more loose ends need to be secured for the move to be
completed. We are hoping to see our tooling used again and product sometime in


We had a very good York. Mike has decided to extend the York sale to our
friends on the S Yahoo e-groups and our SHS club. So, for the rest of the
month, you can get any 4 SHS freight cars for $100. This includes our extended
vision cabooses too. The only thing not included is the track cleaning cars.
The B1G14F sale (Buy 1 Get 1 for Free) on switchers, NW2s and SW8s will
continue. DCC or LM sound is an extra $100 per unit. Like our SW1 and SW9,
these will all be gone shortly. You can find these items on our current order
form at:

I think all of the back orders have been shipped except our remote control
switches. They are the last product of ours still at Sanda Kan. Before they
can be shipped, they all need to be tested. We hope to see these later in the
summer. You can still order these and once they arrive, they will be shipped.

If you have a repair with us I want to apologies for any delays. Our good
friend and repair guy, Bill broke his leg here while Robin and I were in
Florida. I had dinner with him on Wednesday, and he is in good spirits and
hopes to return on a limited basis in June. Maybe he will be here for our Open
House on June 8th.

I have been buys installing Tsunami sound in our SW1s. We found a round baffle
that we can modify and install into any of our SW1s. This adds a little time
to the installation, so the price had to be increased. The cost to install DCC
Tsunami sound in our SW1s is $199.95. This includes the speaker, custom
modified baffle and programming. We should have all of the DCC sound upgrades
on the website before too long.




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