This is a very humbling day for me as today marks the first day as the new Publisher of O Gauge Railroading Magazine!  I have spent considerable time trying to decide what to say today so after consulting colleagues and friends here on the OGR Forum, I found most suggested that I share my beginnings in the hobby as well as details of my background.  So...I decided to do this in my first Publisher's Column which will appear in run 297, the February/March issue.

As I stated at the Grandstand meeting at this past York, your OGR magazine and forum will continue as....THE number one place to be in the O gauge hobby!  Your magazine will be filled with great layouts,  how-to articles, reviews, announcements, and the columns that are your favorites.  Along with what you have come to expect, we will introduce some new and exciting offerings....some long awaited and suggested by our readers and forum members.  Stay tuned....!!

It is because of everyone one of you that support our magazine in your own unique way that has made OGR what it is today....  I am honored to be here and I want to extend my sincere appreciation to each of you!  I look forward to being your Publisher!

All The Best....


Alan Arnold
CEO/Publisher/Partner-Advertising Sales Manager
O Gauge Railroading magazine
800-980-OGRR (6477)

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Congratulations Alan.  I can think of no one better qualified to assume this position.  You have firmly established your self in the modelling community with an imaginative and extensive top tier layout and in the supply side as a consummate marketing professional. OGR is once again at a critical turning point.  I am glad that you have stepped up.  I have every confidence that you will earn great success and that in your capable hands OGR will flourish.  All the best, Pat B.


Way to go Alan!  I'm sure by now you have the keys to the World Headquarter's executive kitchen and are allowed to use Ed Boyle's helicopter and pad connected to his office.  Lastly did Rich give yo the access code the the Cherokee Red Cabinet?

Marty Eibeck


Below the Signature...

"Thanks for joining us for the Legacy Users Group Meeting! See you next year!"

Congratulations to a great guy and great friend.  Alan is not just the Publisher, he is also a high end Train Guy.    Our good friend Captain John was lucky enough to see the beautiful layout that Alan has at his home.  It is on my bucket list as John mentions it often.  We will have some great days ahead of us in the hobby.   Hopefully with his new position Alan will get to visit my neck of the woods in the future.  I am holding a spot on my train room wall for him to sign.  Again, our best wishes to a great guy.









MTH Railroaders Club-17209

MTH DCS and Wi-Fi  Beta Tester

MTH Factory  Certified Technician-6 schools.   Repair Technician #990284

LIONEL Factory Trained Certified  Repair Technician #10140

Member Mid America 3 Railers and NJ HiRailers




I've been on the road all day in the OGR Mobile Raw Nerve Center, so I'm a little late to this thread. I hope the new Publisher will forgive my tardiness! 

Alan, I wish you all the best as you take the engineers seat on this fast-moving train. The job briefing has taken place, the original engineer has been relieved and the new engineer is now on duty.

 I know that OGR's future is is good hands.  

Rich Melvin

We are very fortunate to have you, Alan, take the lead going forward!! I'm excited about what will come next.

Also, a huge thank you to Rich for all his work over the years (I sure learned a lot about real trains as an added bonus to all the great modeling material) and for handing the bataan to a bonafide o gauge master!!!

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