I have a Mi Jak container crane and it stopped raising the containers.  Upon further inspection I've found a gear that has split parrell to its axle shaft, does anyone know if these parts are available, and if so where can i find it. 

I have removed, cleaned and CA glued the gear back under clamp, however im afraid its likely to split back open when re-assembled, due to the lobe on shaft.  Id much rather replace it.  Any help is appreciated as this is a fun piece to operate

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There is a brass gear available for that gear, The Train Tender has them in stock.  I bought one last fall at York so when that gear gives out on mine I'll be ready.

Glue the gear back together. Then use an appropriately sized drill bit to carefully enlarge the hole for the shaft. Don't go too big! The gear should fit snugly, but move easily on the shaft. Epoxy it in place. That will hold you for quite a while. Or you can pick up a metal one as GRJ has suggested.





The brass gear is the way to go. The gears are nylon, no glue will hold it. Before the brass gears were available I drilled one all the way through and pinned it to the shaft. It held but as it was near impossible to close the crack all the way it jumped at every revolution.


Just to follow up, thanks to all for the input and references,  Jeff emailed me first thing this morning and after followup emails and photos of parts, Train Tender has come thru with helping me find another of those hens teeth type items we occasionally just gotta have to keep our lil world chugging along, many thanks to all


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