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Chicago World's Fair 1933-4 was the major jumping off point for model trains ...with millions viewing the large commercial O scale layouts.
1934 Lionel displays thier City of Portland streamliner along side the Union Pacific prototype and Lee B Green has a display of his TruScale Mi-Loco 17/64ths scale O gauge trains.
Mi-Loco offered easy to build kits or RTR models at much lower prices than custom builders . Mi-Loco pieces were 17/64th scale which is the "true scale " for O gauge track .
Please see photos comparing Mi-Loco Hudson next to 1/4 scale Icken .
Also compare sand cast Mi-Loco next to die-cast Mini-Scale ..after Green lost his company to Congress Tool and Die.
To see video of train running please see link

Cheers Carey



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The Hudson ( Mini-Scale ) uses a very efficient worm and worm gear. The worm is steal and the worm gear is a fibre style typical of the period. The loco can be pushed down the track, and the worm will turn ( motor not connected ) Its a simple mechanism and the gear box is enclosed. The drivers are removable, but they come out from the top, not the underside as is typical.    cTr....( Choose the Right )

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Mini-Scale and Mi Loco also made freight car kits in 17/64" scale.  Here are two I had that accurately modeled their B&O prototypes.

This die cast four-bay offset-side hopper is by Mini-Scale and was made with three castings:  two sides with hoppers and a bottom with end frames and inner sides for the hoppers. The "A" end is modeled by cutting off the brake step.  Four big flat-head machine screws hold it together. Its original Mini Scale trucks are still under it, with their wheel sets modified for 2-rail.  Quite heavy, it weighs just over 2 LBS! I installed Kadee 700 series couplers, but otherwise kept the model original. It is painted and lettered as the prototype was when the kit was issued.  B&O had the largest fleet of these hoppers built in the 1920's and 30's. Their unique feature was having ladders at the car side ends, rather than grab irons which were used by other roads.  The model's B&O number is of a prototype car displayed at Shippensburg PA.

The 1941 Lionel full 1/4"/ft scale die cast four-bay offset-side hopper also followed this B&O Class W-2 design with side ladders, as did the later K-Line clone of that Lionel car.


This Mi Loco 17/64" / ft scale cast aluminum three-bay off-set side hopper was built up with five castings - two ends, two sides and an underbody with the hoppers included. I got it as a partially assembled 'junker' in 2010. It's put together with twenty-eight 3/16" long 3-48 flat head machine screws. I needed more of them, and they were not all that easy to find. Some fellow O scale modelers were a big help with that.  The screw heads are slightly counter sunk. I used automotive spot putty to cover them. It also has Kadee couplers and rides on Athearn trucks. It weighs about 1 LB but lacked rivet detail.  I applied Archer decal rivets, but they do not show up well. It did not have any air brake equipment, so I installed a Scale City Designs hopper car AB brake casting.  It well represents a B&O Class W-7 hopper and is finished with post-War lettering having the "Linking 13 Great States" B&O herald.


S. Islander


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  • 214XJDB: Mi Loco cast aluminum B&O hopper
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Hello all thank you for your kind words .

Yes aluminum Mi-Loco

Die-cast ...intended to be Mi-Loco ...but sold under Mini- Scale name by Congress Tool & Die ....who did the tool and die work is still on business.

Both companies used rear wheel drive ..enclosed drive gears ...great runners .

Here is a link to see the Mini Scale Hudson pulling a string of Mini Scale passenger cars ...all die cast ..all very heavy..all glorious 17/64ths

Yes tender is lettered Mi-Loco ...this is very early factory built example ...before Congress Tool and Die ..took over sales .

Also note observation ...Mini- Scale only made a combo and Pullman ...obs is from a modified Pullman ...Hudson is maxed out pulling the 4 Mini Scale cars .. and express Refer

Cheers Carey

As requested, and as Carey said, drive to rear driver. Some scratch main roads. The second Hudson I have, was modified to run, centre third rail. They? swopped out the original front truck and rear truck for 1/48 Labough, this included the tender trucks. The drivers had newly machined steel tyres. I had to tweak them on the lath to re-gauge them for NMRA standards. The cow catcher was smashed in postage. Theres work to do!        ( cTr...Choose the Right )Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 1.40.59 pmScreen Shot 2022-08-15 at 1.40.17 pm


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