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D975C99C-DBA8-4191-911C-187E0199E5066B4B5E48-59A1-498C-8A3E-45F04E4F579B922D5C78-1624-4546-9CE9-F5E84B2CFBE7839CC0D4-7908-4D70-AD90-D483BD1460DEHi everyone, I’m new here and wanted to share my visit today at Mianne Benchwork.

I’m just getting back into the hobby and doing my research. I haven’t had a layout since my teenage years, so this time around it will be built correctly and slowly. While I’m not doing any Benchwork just right yet. I have a wet basement issue that needs to be fixed first. I figured since I’m local to Mianne I’d check in on them.

First off I drove by twice and almost in the police station parking lot.. Yep he’s that hole in the wall if you blink miss it place. Anyways I was greeted by Tim the owner and he answered all my questions to how and what . He has another worker with him , but for the most part he’s a one man band between work he’s answering phones. This is small place loaded with quality wood, there’s no made in China here. Everything is built to order, so if you’re reading this don’t expect him to ship out the next day. Tim showed me how easy assembling is and stated the fact of how easy it was to disassemble. The legs stand 40” and he stated they do custom heights as well. I took a couple of pictures of his shop and like I said is small hidden Gem. Tim also said I can purchase through him and pick up in person to save on the shipping.

It was nice to see the craftsmanship firsthand and I would highly recommend Mianne benchwork to anyone looking to build a layout.


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  • D975C99C-DBA8-4191-911C-187E0199E506
  • 6B4B5E48-59A1-498C-8A3E-45F04E4F579B
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