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I have a question concerning the freight cars for this set. The 1515 tanker and the 1517 caboose. I bought the 1514 and when it came I realized it was smaller than what I thought. Then I realized it was from a set with a wind up engine and tender. When I am looking for the other 2 cars do I have to be careful or did Lionel make a 1515 and 1517 in O gauge also or just for the windup set?

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I did a little checking on the contents(?) of Mickey Mouse freight sets. In my short research it seems all the cars were

Lionel Jr, I did not see any Winner Lines. Most of the sets I could find were pictures from auction houses, so whether they

were original sets or put together after the fact is a question.  I am attaching pictures of a few cars I have that I saw in the

online pictures. IMG_20210723_192057_0IMG_20210723_192129_9IMG_20210723_192158_5IMG_20210723_192233_2


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