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Hello O scale world 

Today we have a mystery Pacific steamer from the mid 1930's .....  I was hoping it was one of Ken Henry's or perhaps made from Ken Henry parts ..... under the over paint is B&O lettering ....  Ken Henry was big with  the  

B&O ... and the President Washington was his initial offering ..... back in December  of 1934  ...any ideas as to the maker of this  oldie and goodie ?    A bit of oil and voltage and she sprang to life ....happy to be rolling again clicky clack down the RR track ..    she was happy pulling the 5 Miniscale Pullmans ( 25 pound train) ...till the tender coupler developed an issue just before the cameras began to roll .   Fun getting the bricks to move ....lots of nice piping and she runs smooth ... ..have to try and get the over-paint off to save the  lettering beneath . Unique brass shoe added on the standard speed cable 3rd rail pickup ... works well .. missing from tender (soon to be added)  

Cheers Carey 

IMG_9905IMG_9883IMG_9886MR Dec 1934IMG_9906


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