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Hi -

Has anybody seen a kit for or built from scratch (pictures please) a mid-century modern passenger train station in O scale?  Walthers Cornerstone makes an ideal kit modeled after an ATSF station (933-4064) but it is HO scale.  I am looking for or looking to build something like that.

Thanks for any info.


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  • station: Walthers modern passenger station 933-4064
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@DrTrainDad, Living near Palm Springs, I'm all about MCM. I've done this type of HO to O scale conversion during the construction of my Palm Springs station.

My station was Mission  style. I found an old unbuilt HO kit in the style I wanted on one of the auction sites. I used the included parts and simply doubled the measurements onto foam board. For example a 3" wall length becomes 6" and so on. A steel ruler helps. Easy. This method is easily transferred to any structure from a kit

If you use the Forum search function, type in "Palm Springs Station". I did a pictorial step by step topic on my build process. If you hit a snag feel free to PM me through my Forum profile.

Also, thanks for giving me my next personal project!


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