Hello again. The midweek is here, along with another chance to share some photos of real world railroading.

Today, I am going to show off some static items, not too far from home in the town of Catawissa, PAB230F5F1-6CEE-4249-A8A7-C79239C944BF

Originally, the rail line was the Little Schuylkill & Susquehanna Railroad, but for most of it’s operation, it was the Catawissa Railroad, part of the Reading.  Known in the past as the Trackside Deopt, the restaurant is no longer in business. The cabooses are still used as motel lodging, though. DAED5C21-A751-4876-86CD-0176598ABABA57A38F56-66D5-4142-A5D9-FB96F1E29F2C
There is a steam loco at the place. This 1931 Davenport 0-6-0 built for Dominion Construction. 1E6B977B-C4FF-4E9D-A38B-AA2CDB77BBCAFE1CCF1C-1040-45E0-912C-DEEE3D546D769DF4C39E-057A-4FEC-B3C2-4D43C7A52CB9

The cabooses have a Northeastern US lineage, hailing from the New Haven, Erie, Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley and Reading. They are in varying degrees of repair. The owner said he started the business in 1979. Along with the station restaurant, he owned and operated several other businesses in town. 

The surprising part is he also bought 8 miles of tracks and the land below it.  With rails now gone, it serves as a nature/hunting trail. It also include this amazing bridge over the Susquehanna River, 2D83F3DA-D092-46F1-838E-E6AD8693371F

Along with this bridge, there is a smaller one which spans the former Lackawanna Railroad Bloomsburg Branch, and the old North Branch canal. 1C698DC2-B1FE-48E8-AD8B-9865A057F104
The Lackawanna line is now North Shore RR. These two cabooses also hail from the Lehigh Valley. 
That is my contribution for the week. If you have spotted something interesting  on the rails, please add it right here. Have a great rest of your week. Cheers!


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Rail-fanning on the CN Line and having fun with Adobe Photoshop.

1 100 Years

Close to what the human eye saw. A special and rare locomotive with CN’s 100th anniversary logo.

2 Adjuctment Invert

Inverted filters with green.

3 Adjustemnt Polurize 100 Years

Adjusted with polarized filter.

4 Draft sunse

Three layers with a fake sunset.

Photos shot by Train Room Gary, with a Canon DSLR, T6i & processed with Adobe Photoshop. Camera notes: I used, Shutter priority at 1/125    ISO - 200     18 - 55mm lens    Auto Focus On    Image Stabilizer On     Live View On

Hope to see you out rail-fanning: Gary 🚂


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Nothing really excellent this week, since I haven't had to chance to go trackside in two months. In another month or so, I should be able to upload some photos from my last day of railfanning this summer (currently stuck on my point-and-shoot in Pittsburgh). That said, I did see a few other interesting things this summer. 


This is the headhouse of the former PRR produce terminal in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. Most of the tracks, which ran on the lower deck of the Fort Wayne Bridge into the Strip, were pulled up many moons ago. Much of the terminal's dock space will be torn down for new condos, while presumably the headhouse will be repurposed. 


It's not often I got to see the Wheeling, since their daylight runs tended to happen when I was in school or otherwise unable to travel. Hence, capturing this shot a few months ago while sitting in traffic was a treat indeed. SD40-3 3067 (Oxford Leasing, nee-UP) and SD40T-2 8795 (UP, nee-Southern Pacific) are leading a train of LPG tanks over Chartiers Creek and the former PRR (now OHCR) Washington Branch. 


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Aha! You were on Vanadium Rd. Interesting spot. Have always wanted to see a train on that bridge but just never took the time.



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