Hello, all.  Midweek is nearly over, but the weekend is not yet here.  You know what this thread is all about, so let's get to the pictures. 


November 9-11 was the final weekend of steam operations on the Steamtown "regular" schedule, and I caught Baldwin 0-6-0 no. 26 coming back from one of her 'Limited' runs on November 9. 


On Veteran's Day, I snagged this shot of the Delaware Lackawanna shoving cars on their Laurel Line local train.  We see Lehigh Valley no. 414 and a cut of cars as they passed over S. Washington Ave in Scranton.  The building in the background was once the DL&W locomotive erecting shop. 


On November 16, a 10:00 departure of a qualifying run for Steamtown volunteers was made.  Running from Scranton to Delaware Water Gap and back, it is to keep crews who only have one or two chances of the year to work a trip like this to stay on top of the physical characteristics of this 60-mile route. 


And there they go.  About to pass the 111 year old passenger station for the DL&W in Scranton.  The train returned to Steamtown around 5:45 that night.  


Closing out with this image from November 19, a Delaware-Lackawanna RS3 (Central of New Jersey no. 1554) passes a display RS3 (Reading no. 467) in the Steamtown yard.  

That is what I have to offer for this week.  I hope all of you are still out on the road catching trains in the real world.  If you found some that you would like to share, please post here.  Thank you.  I hope to post again next Wednesday.  

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At this time last year, it was the start of Thanksgiving Break. To travel home to Pittsburgh, I opted to take the 5:00 train to Washington, D.C, which allowed me to take these snapshots of some of the power and cars laying around. I previously posted some of these over on "A Shot in the Dark."


3 ACS-64s lay over adjacent to one of D.C.'s two through tracks. Besides my Northeast Regional, there was likely at least one long-distance train scheduled to arrive later that evening. 


An Amfleet and Heritage dormitory (likely part of the Exhibit Train consist) are semi-permanently parked in the station. 


Now for an even older flashback: in 2018, I had the opportunity to ride the Cascades Talgo from Vancouver, B.C. to Seattle. Here, nearly new SC-44 Chargers bracket the NPCU cabbage wrapped for the Seattle Seahawks. As of today, the wrap has been gone for 6 months. 


The power for my Cascades was F59PHI 466, which I believe is one of the 21 retired last year and re-leased to Metra. 


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