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I hit the road a few days ago to see if i could find some trains.  Who knew? I only came across a couple in motion, but was able to re-discover a few pieces and locations along the path.  One of my stops was in Minersville, PA.


Minersville is an old Reading Company town in the heart of hard coal territory.  Central RR of New Jersey 0-6-0 resides there.  This is considered an active steam engine, and I was able to ride and chase this engine back in 2016.


I very nicely painted engine is currently collecting snow, but the smokestack is capped.  


Very nice looking steam engine.  Very large for a 6 drivered switcher.


Another stop along the way was in Schuylkill Haven, a few miles away from Minersville.  This former DL&W coach was transformed into a luxury coach many years ago by the Reading & Northern RR.  


This station is the home for the passenger department of the RBMN.  


When I arrived at North Reading yard, I caught this  MP1500 idling.  


Plus, a couple others were switching a few cars in the yard before calling it a day.  It was a good catch.  


My last time in this location, 4-6-0 no 225 was parked at the edge of the lot, but it did not have the Christmas lights trimming it ann the edges or strung out from the smoke stack.  It also wasn't sunny the last time I visited. This was a nice drive deep into and out of coal country.  


What trains might you have come across lately?  If you would like, please share them here.  Have a good week and weekend.  


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