It is Wednesday once again, and time for another edition of Midweek Photos.  It was a beautifully sunny day last Saturday, (Feb 22) so I took a drive to see this newly painted beauty, "Erie Lackawanna F7 no. 7151."  We see it in Honesdale, PA.  Beautiful colors from the 1960s, along with some wildly colored autos. 


Why the quotes above?  The unit actually was built for the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad.  When the Bessemer got rid of their Fs in the 1990s, this became a dinner train loco in a simulated EL scheme.  Bought by the Delaware Lackawaxen and Stourbridge RR a few months ago, they decided to make it a "true" Erie Lackawanna looking engine.  The unit does not work at this time, and still needs some work to be completed, but she is a striking beauty. 


Among the items needing completion are the port hole windows and the roof.  The back of the F unit also needs to be completed. 


How could you not love a face like this?  The engine was not operating, so my life was not in peril. 


A Mardi Gras themed train was running that day, and I was not able to find it to shoot at.  I did find this GP7 in Guilford Transportation colors, and this Pennsylvania cabin car.  near the locomotive shop of the railroad. 


Some of the other cabooses along the rail line are this Lehigh Valley Northeast Caboose, a Chesapeake & Ohio caboose and a Pennsylvania Cabin Car. 


One last look at the F before I go, through my telephoto lens. Sadly, when Conrail was formed, none of the Erie Lackawanna F7s are left to preserve.  This is a good substitute.  

Thank you, as always, for checking out the thread.  I know you have plenty of great shots to add to the Midweek Photos this week.  Talk to you next week.  


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Welcome to Grass Lake, Michigan • Two cold days in February, 2020

Let’s walk around downtown.

1 Track Mobile

This Navigator Series Trackmobile, Model NVX6030 is out doing track inspection on the main line.

2 Ameri Town

Two Ameri-Towne Structures on Main Street,

3 Clock

The Grass Lake, Michigan • EST. 1871 • The Town Clock.

4 Signals

Track signals at sunset “65E”.

5 Hand cart

A classic depot hand cart.

6 Grass Lake Station

The Grass Lake Depot, the last passenger service was 1956. The Whistlestop Park Association a nonprofit group owns and manages this historic stone structure.  Michigan Central Railroad - 210 East Michigan Avenue.

7 Depot Grass Lake

An interesting roof line and stone walls makes this a historic Michigan Depot.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope to see you out rail-fanning. Gary 🚂


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A few shots from the B&O Roundhouse and the 2100 restoration that I haven't shared here yet. My apologies if this facility is starting to become a major theme in my posts, cabin fever season doesn't bring much exciting railroad action for here in Ohio. I should have more variety to share soon. 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for me, and I can't wait for it to begin!

"Belly of the Beast"

While the Midwest Railway Preservation Society's vintage ALCO RS-3 was undergoing maintenance, I was able to get a peek inside. This 70-year-old diesel locomotive is still in service today, thanks to the efforts of the hardworking volunteers of the Society.

"Keepers of the Critters"

Two of the roundhouse's furry friends sit on the trailing truck of Reading T1 no. 2100. These little guys earn their keep taking care of any rodents that crop up around the house, and also double as great companions!


This 1905-built roundhouse hasn't seen a living steam locomotive since the late 1980s, but the sights, the sounds, the smells and everything is still enchanting to me.

"Little Tools on a Big Machine"

The last thing I expected to see used on a 400 ton steam locomotive was a 1/4-inch wrench, but that's exactly what we had to use to take up these foot pedals in the cab. These pedals are obviously not original to the Reading; I would suspect that Tom Payne added them when he owned the engine, along with all of his other little touches.

"The Railroad Worker"

One of the volunteers of the American Steam Railroad is seen getting down and dirty on making this magnificent machine alive again. On this work session, we were busy removing cab appliances to make way for a new floor, as the current one will not accommodate the stoker system to return the 2100 to a coal burner.

"Out With The Old, In With The New"

In the continuing process of removing appliances, the old rotting wood was torn up from the cab floor to eventually be replaced with new. Outside, welding work was progressing on the stoker auger, building up cracks and worn areas.

"Gentle Giant"

To end with is a photo of the 2100's massive wootten firebox. Upon taking our ultrasonic tests a few years ago, we discovered that there were large portions of the firebox that had become too thin to maintain pressure. Since then, we have been in the process of replacing these old inner side sheets with brand new ones. To date, they have been welded in place along the top and sides, and riveted along the bottom, and now we are fundraising to put the new staybolts in. There are 560 that need to be made.

For just $10, you can be the one to forge the head of a brand new staybolt, bringing the 2100 one step closer to becoming alive once again.


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Norfolk Southern rebuilt units this February in Pittsburgh. NS 1810 is a SD70ACCIMG_9542IMG_9543

  Norfolk Southern 4229 is a DC to AC conversion AC44C6M.



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My adult daughter was on her way to work this morning and she sent me this photo of a train going through downtown Milford, Michigan.  The parking lot to the coffee shop backs up to the railroad tracks. In her phone message, she said sarcastically, “hey Dad I am out rail-fanning.”

Ride to work



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We may not realize it but we're all railfanning at one point or another, weather is waiting for the subway or we're at a grade crossing waiting for a train the to roll by. 

I went to my public library last week to pick up this book.

“In the Pines An Atlas of Michigan Logging Railroad”  by: James S. Hannum M.D.

I am using this book to plan rail-fanning adventures.

8 Book In The Pines



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trainroomgary posted:

My adult daughter was on her way to work this morning and she sent me this photo of a train going through downtown Milford, Michigan.  The parking lot to the coffee shop backs up to the railroad tracks.


Any business with a parking lot that backs up to railroad tracks is worthy of patronage.

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