Midweek Photos 5/16/2018


How about this?  Midweek Photos begins in a place where trains no longer run.  A re-development of a city block in Scranton, PA several years included taking a portion of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western RR passenger mainline and making a public park of the project.  One 'track' of sorts remains, with sycamore trees and street lamps making a promenade of the deal.  The reason I went here is to show you it is a new train-spotting location. 


Only a few city blocks away from the "Renaissance Park" we were just at is the Steamtown National Historic Site, and the roundhouse.  The Scranton Limited train begins its short trips through the railroad yard and downtown at the roundhouse.  Locomotive for the day is Baldwin Loco Works no. 26. 


Here she comes.  Approximately 15 minutes into the program, the train passes the park, taking the DL&W freight line.  


And there she goes!  About to pass the Mattes Street tower, and some decent elevated views of the Southern side of Scranton.  

That is my intro for this week.  Please add any shots you have collected to the thread.  Thanks to the many people who follow and contribute to Midweek Photos.  See you on Wednesday. 


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