I saw that Tim was on earlier today, but didn't post a topic. If it's OK with him, I guess I'll start this week. 

On Sunday, I dug out the Finepix 2500 from the early 2000s that my dad handed down to me when I was 12 and headed trackside. It was really, REALLY nice to finally be using a camera with a real zoom lens again!


Eastbound empty coke train 915 or 921 thunders through the crossing at Haysville. The one downside to using this camera is that in Auto mode the light meter makes the photo appear washed out, in my opinion. I'll have to go back through the manual and learn how to use the manual mode. 


A westbound manifest passes under the PRR-era bridge at Milepost 10.8 on the Fort Wayne Line just east of Haysville. 



A smoky eastbound local heads under the bridge. This shot is why I love having a real zoom lens. 


The tail end of a westbound clears 10.8 as eastbound 10N is stopped just beyond the signal at the defect detector. It sounded like a flat spot to me, but I had no scanner to confirm. 


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On May 5, Steamtown National Historic Site accepted a carload of rails from the Delaware Lackawanna Railroad. Since the only power on duty that day was our 0-6-0 no. 26, she picked up the load and delivered it to the site of a rail replacement project on the south side of the railroad yard. This move took place after 4 runs of the Nay Aug Gorge Limited train (about 20 miles total.)


The track arrangement in the yard makes nearly every move interesting.  A lot of zig-zag moves need to take place, such as this shove to near the Maintenance of Way building. 


The Route of the Dashing Commuter. LOL


Now, a back-up move to reach the Chamberlain Lead track. 


Moving forward, the train is pushing it's loaded flat car past the museum complex and roundhouse. 


The Chamberlain Lead passes the old DL&W Locomotive Shop.  Parts of this building date to 1865 or so.  The most recent addition was in 1949. 


Baldwin meets Baldwin.  Our 1929 0-6-0 passes 1916 2-8-0 no. 15, which has not run in about 60 years. 


With the load delivered, the day is not yet done.  We still need to get to the roundhouse.  The ash you see in the foreground was dropped from the ashpan hopper earlier that day. 


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