Hello, everyone.  I am a bit late in the day for starting the thread, but I do have photos to share.  DSC_4091

My first photo for this week might not seem significant at first, but this is the first time I have seen at the Steamtown yard these 5 parallel tracks occupied.  Then this little boy added to the picture.  His parents were off to the left, out of view.  We see on the far left, a cut of Delaware Lackawanna Alcos/MLWs idling, Steamtown's Nickel Plate Road GP9 with a short excursion train, then Reading RS3 no. 467 (no longer operational) with a display freight train, more Delaware Lackawanna units idling, featuring M420 no. 2045 up front, and Anthracite Railroads Historical Society F3 no. 664 leading Steamtown's Scranton Limited train. 


A little bit later, the Steamtown excursion train, headed to Moscow, PA pulls into the boarding platform. 


Action shot of VIP Adam Kuczynski setting the airbrake on this train after arrival in Moscow. 


The beauty of a Geep in Nickel Plate Road stripes in the Pennsylvania countryside.


Perfect day for a train trip and for photographing that train.  Paused at the 1904-built DL&W station. 


The sales crew at the Moscow train station.  


Back home at Steamtown.  Now, off to your photos.  You can post all week, if you choose too.  I will be reporting from the road next week.  Enjoy!



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I recently bought a new microphone for my camera, and I figured I’d find out how well it handles loud noises (like train whistles) before I publish anything with it. So last Sunday, we made a trip to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad to chase the National Park Scenic. The mic performed great and we’re ready for action!

In addition, on Saturday, I had my first work session with the American Steam Railroad and Reading T1 no. 2100, and it was quite an experience. During this work session, we were able to get the bell and bracket mounted back onto the locomotive!


We still need to do work on the clapper mechanism, since some of the parts have damage and we need to find a working actuator. I’ll have a full-length video of the work to share with you next week!


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