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Greetings!  It is once again Wednesday, and another day to celebrate real railroading. Life-size and sometimes operating.  I have no recent photos of steam in operation, but will be looking out for it as the country is still in phases of re-opening.  Here are two steam locomotives that have not run in over 50 years.  Above is Reading Company no. 2124, sitting on display at the Steamtown National Historic Site. 


Also on display at Steamtown is this Berlin Mills (New Hampshire) Paper Co. no. 7. Seven is a hefty 2-4-2T which carries her own coal and water on her car-body.  She was built in 1911, and greets visitors at the Steamtown traffic circle.  

If you have any recent photos or videos of trains on the line, please add them here.  I know that travel options for many of us are limited this year, but you might encounter a train on the rails just by taking your normal drives around town.  Whatever you capture, we would like to see. 



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My job occasionally takes me to the Port of Davisville in North Kingstown, RI.  A shortline railroad named Seaview Transportation Company (or just Seaview, for short) serves the port facilities and the Quonset Business Park. 

On Wednesday, June 24th, I caught Seaview GP10 # 1855 shifting cars around just outside the port facilities.  I like the Seaview paint scheme...and they tend to keep this old Geep nice and clean!



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More railfanning at Haysville on Norfolk Southern's Fort Wayne Line, this time from 6/30 of this year. 


NS 46M, eastbound grain for the Delmarva Central in Maryland, charges eastbound behind two Dash 9s and an ES44DC. 


A rarely-seen stone train, NS 63G, ambles westbound at a leisurely 30 MPH with a Dash 9 and SD70ACe, the former sporting both a GE mechanical bell and killer K5LA. The lack of EOT restricted the train's speed on this nominally 55 MPH track. 


NS C28, the Allegheny Valley interchange local, heads east behind the usual pair of SD60Es, 6300 and 6339. This train used to draw a hodgepodge of Geeps and slugs of various sorts, with occasional six-axle power, but the demotion of several SD40Es from helper service over Horseshoe Curve has released more of the rebuilt SD50s to local service. 


NS C07, the transfer run between Shire Oaks Yard on the Mon Line, and Conway Yard just west of the shot here at Glenfield, heads west behind three of Juniata's proprietary six-axle EMD rebuilds: SD40E 6355, SD60E 7001, and SD70ACC 1846, the latter only a temporary visitor to the area. 



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@Hartman posted:


Hi, Tim.

Any chance of seeing some more photos of this interesting locomotive?

STEA 1988 Tony Pann tour Berlin Mills 7

Here are some images. This locomotive, to my knowledge, never sported a name, so it can be whatever you want it to be.  This first photo shows park ranger Tony Pann leading a tour of the locomotives at the Steamtown site in 1988

SUSA BerlinMills

This black and white image could be from when she was on display at Steamtown in Vermont, (Bellows Falls) or possibly still at work in New Hampshire.

Berlin Mills7

Another angle on her display location in 1988.  This part of the old Delaware Lackawanna & Western RR yard is now part of the Marketplace at Steamtown. 


In October, 2016, Steamtown and the Evergreen school celebrated 50 years of the creation of the National Historic Preservation Act by choosing no. 7 as the locomotive used for the "hug your artifact" scene.  Ranger Dan Kahl is on the right of the "traffic circle" at Steamtown in Scranton. 


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  • Berlin Mills7
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  • SUSA BerlinMills

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