Hello, one and all.  It is Wednesday, and Midweek Photos is here for us to showcase some of our rather recent railroad photos.  Here are a few I captured this past weekend. 


Timing is everything, as they say.  It looks like our engineer is ready to board, so how about we get on with the job at hand?


Last Saturday, Steamtown in Scranton, PA had a train chartered by the Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce.  The theme behind the train is a Wine Train.  Four train stations in the area featured food items and two or three wineries at each stop.  The train departed from the Carbondale station area. This depot dates to 1995, being built as a way to bring some life to downtowns in the small towns around Scranton. 


The final stop was three stations down the line, and we decided to have a crew photo on the train at the Dickson City station stop.  


The next day, I planned to take a crew photo of our steam engine, Baldwin Locomotive Works no. 26, built in 1929.  First, I would need to catch the train, to coordinate with the conductor.  This photo shows the last back up move of Steamtown's Nay Aug Gorge Limited train on Sunday. 


The Sun came out just in time for me to snag this shot of the crew at the steam engine before going into the Roundhouse for the weekdays. 

That is my contribution.  What have you seen lately that you would like to share?  Add any cool train photos to this thread.  We'll see you next week. 


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coach joe posted:

Roger, wht was "doctored"?

The whole left side has the following: Black & white, all signals and electronics removed, took asphalt road out and made it a gravel road. On the left side the Missouri Highway Patrol Museum loaned us the first Highway Patrol car, note that it was a convertible that stopped the speeding Model T. Also the Highway Patrol man is wearing the first uniform of the MO. Highway Patrol. The conductor is also wearing an old Frisco uniform that was loaned to us by the then Frisco Museum. On the left the Model T is stopped for speeding as is the Viper on the right side of the photo. And this is why the locomotives are stopped and waiting for the crossing to clear.

You have to remember that "doctoring" photos back in 1994 was a new thing. The photographer got a national award for this photo.

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