Hey, everyone.  Sorry to be late to the game, but here is another edition of Midweek Photos.  

This past weekend was the 13th Annual Railfest at Steamtown.  Here are a few of my photos, while you collect pictures of your own that you would like to share.  


There were many themes for Railfest this year.  The one that caught the most attention was the 60th anniversary of the Reading Company Iron Horse Rambles.  A donated "Reading Lines" plate was added to Steamtown's Reading 2124, the first steam locomotive of the Rambles in 1959.  Yellow trim was added to the locomotive, which also led to some touch up of the black. The rods were cleaned, primed and painted before being placed on the loco.  The Reading FP7s , no. 903 and 902 added to the view.  In the distance, we see DL&W no. 426, a long term loan locomotive from the Delaware-Lackawanna RR. 


Another theme celebrated this year was 150 years since the transcontinental railroad was completed in Promontory Summit, Utah Territory.  We used our Baldwin no. 26 as one of the locomotives for this East-meets-West view at the turntable during the opening ceremony.  


I'll let you guess as to which locomotive was on the other end.  I will reveal it in the next post.  Here, we see Baldwin no. 26 coupling to the other steam engine. 


Later in the day, I went around the yard.  Attendees of the Night Photo Session were eating, and I caught this view of the Caboose Experience train. "Lackawanna" F3 no. 664 and the Keyser Shops (Scranton) built caboose no. 889 sitting on the side track. DSC_9199

In the dwindling light, I captured Reading  no. 2124.  I was not a photographer during the night photo session, but the pictures I have seen were spectacular.  Steve Barry of Railfan & Railroad Magazine was the planner of this session, and lead on the lighting and special effects. 

More in my next post.  Any photos of the real world of railroading are appreciated. 


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A few photos from railfanning on July 6th. As I believe I have mentioned previously, I am trying my hand at actual photography when I go trackside, instead of merely using screenshots from my videos. 


NS C44-9W 9911 leads a sibling eastbound past the crossing at Haysville, PA, on the Fort Wayne Line. The train in question is eastbound trash train 62V. 


The same train passing under the ex-PRR bridge at MP 10.6. I believe at one point there were 4 tracks at Haysville; nowadays, there are 3, but only the westernmost is bidirectionally signaled. 


Westbound local C35, with SD40-2 3380 leading, passes under the bridge as it approaches the crossing. 


3380 and trailing SD60E 7015 smoke it up as they head toward Conway Yard. 


Photos (5)

I started wandering off and thinking of not returning to this forum, pursuing other interests. Especially when the weather got nice and warm. This particular post or topic is what keeps me coming back to the OGR every week. I noticed that when I skipped out for some rest, I still had to view what gets posted here.

 So I wish to thank everyone again for the great posts here. I truly enjoy the real trains part of this forum. I am so glad that the OGR forum supports other parts of this hobby.

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Photos and memorabilia mine.



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Finally have the chance to post my follow-up.  The coupling with no. 26 was Nickel Plate Road no. 759.  26 is pulling her over the turntable and past the locomotive shop.  They posed like this during the opening ceremony. 


For Saturday of Railfest, I was with the Railfest Flyer trip, which took us to the cradle of railroading in Honesdale, PA.  A 1932 replica of the Stourbridge Lion (original builtin in England in 1829) is the keystone exhibit of the Wayne County Historical Society.  This was our first stop.


We took a trip on the Stourbridge Line Rail excursion from Honesdale to Glen Eyre and back to Hawley, which is about halfway between those two spots.  As we left the train, the railroad offered us a photo run-by at Hawley, crossing US Route 6.


I didn't have proper equipment for the night photo session, but in the late afternoon, I took a few of the staged pics, such as this one showing a worker polishing the headlight.


The rather informal set-up of the photographers as various smoke bombs were placed around the steam engine, Reading 4-8-4 no. 2124.  The Reading FP7s, nos. 903-902 added to the scene. This was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Reading Iron Horse Rambles. 


Smokey the Bear turned 75 in August, 2019, so he added to the jobs that we should do, such as watching out for trains, and suspicious activity, along with preventing forest fires. 


The Moscow excursions during Railfest offer the chance to take a photo run-by picture at the station, or at least to watch the train roll past.  

Railfest is in its 13th year at Steamtown.  Numbers were good for this year, reaching over 3100 people through the weekend.  Most, if not all, were families.  Many make this an annual visit.  We are happy to put on a good show. 


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