Mike Wolf CEO Of MTH Trains Coming To TrainLand Saturday November 17th 10am-3pm


                  Give these to the big guy for us.... They will be H U G H sellers !

1. RAILKING LIRR new model P72 LOWER STRIPE2. LIRR P72 Pre fair 633. LIRR WF during fair4. LIRR WF after fair5.LIRR P72 later Window stripePremier subway R160 new model.SIRT - BMT Staten Island Rapid Transit cars.

                                                     Thank you Guys!



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If folks are pushing for new subway tooling...I'll post what I posted on another post:

Despite the fact that I don't model subways, I would buy a set or two of scale, accurate R160's (A or B 5-car sets) with all the Q stops in Manhattan because I now ride them daily. I also see them daily for the N, W and F and have been on them for the E, C, and M a few times. Seems like the tooling could go a long way and its extremely relevant to today's riders.  Make the tooling right and you could probably also do the other R variants that run on the L train and J train, since they look so similar.

I will start paying attention to car numbers on the Q, as I usually try to get into the same two doors to/from work. I rode on 8718 and 8667 today.

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My best to Mike and to you, Ken! I'm looking forward to the video of the get-together (would watch live if you're doing something that way, but we're taking a friend out for a birthday lunch). I imagine Mike made the journey from Florida and wishes he was back there given the weather in the Northeast, and here in Ohio, these past couple of days.

By the way: That raffle assortment looks great!

Kenny JR.,

Wish this was streamed lived via YouTube, but to the point of this post, I recently received the Santa Clause double door Holiday led boxcar set and look forward to running them during the Christmas season but I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you will ask Mike concerning the led light strings MTH uses on their cars, buildings, etc. If one of the leds should burn out, will the rest stay lit? Also, what does MTH esrtimate to be the life expectancy of these lights? Furthermore, for those folks without layouts who might be considering displaying these cars lighted as part of a static display in acrylic cases, what is the best voltage to apply to the tracks to ensure the bulbs on these cars have the longest life, especially if such displays are to be continuously lit 8-10 hours daily during the upcoming holiday season -- OR, does MTH recommend against such continuous lighting of these led boxcars and Christmas tree flatcars?

Finally, when can those of us who ordered the new led lighted flatcar with Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer expect delivery?

Thanks, Kenn Jr., for relaying these questions to Mike, today.

We streamed on Instagram and Facebook live.  Unfortunately we didnt have time to do a youtube video this time. 

18 volts it will last for many years.  There LED lights so they last long.  If one does go out the rest will stay on. 

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