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Here are a few photos of my modern military trains.   i have about 70 Weaver US Army flats with all sorts of loads.  I have an angel of a wife for allowing me to have my trains in almost every closet.  She was kind enough to take the photos.   After the photos were taken I used model chains for almost all the flat cars.    This is not photos of complete fleet.   i have more cars in bed room on my dresser.








Train Show jan2010 01

Trains 108

Trains 112

ForEtsyAlchemy 011


Trains 104


Images (11)
  • rtIMG_3412: picture of me and trains on dining room table
  • rtIMG_3415: Me in front of fleet
  • rtIMG_3416: View of part of fleet
  • rtIMG_3417: Another shot of fleet
  • rtIMG_3418: Fleet on table
  • rtIMG_3420: View of fleet
  • Train Show jan2010 01: Flats with M2 bradleys at club open house
  • Trains 108: LAV25
  • Trains 112: Front End loader
  • ForEtsyAlchemy 011: tamiya M60A2
  • Trains 104: Flat with Humvee and container
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That's quite a fleet!


I have the impression that one of the last places in the country where large gun barrels can be manufactured is in the Capital District of NY.


A couple of years ago, there were a whole bunch of flatcars loaded with tanks sitting in the small yard that is adjacent to the Port of Albany. At the time I guessed that they were coming from the armory after being serviced.



I built almost all of them except for the Humvees and construction equipment pieces.   The containers are Weaver 20 ft ones.  The M60A2 is a 1/48 tamiya model no longer in production.  LAV25's and LAV-AT are a kit made by Kitech but are out of production since last year.  Just got 2 of each from a hobby store in China ( Ebay).  The M109's are made by Auroa and were last made in the 70's,   I buy them when they come up on ebay.  The M2 Bradleys are still around, M1A1 Abrams and M60's are built by Academy and are available.   I have about 10 more 1/48 scale kits to build ( 2 Lav25, 2 LAV AT, 2 m1A!, 5 Tamiya Humvees and a 2.5 ton truck).   At our club I run a 20 car train either in NATO scheme or a 12 car in desert scheme.   I am adding more cars with stuff painted in the desert scheme.  believe it or not it is only a fraction of our fleet. 


Randy T



I have a MTH US Army genset, a HO US Army genset and ordered the MTH US Army GP20.  I may buy the Weaver US Army GP38.  

I also custom painted an extended vision caboose in olive drab and decaled it for DODX like a picture i found on the net.  if I could find a video of my military train I will olad it on this thread.    


Randy T.

Things get real quiet in town when big green machine # 45 rolls in.  And there's not a cat in sight.  I like to build WW11 war planes have 5 dioramas built and now working on a German made Revell B24 with killer nose art called Flak Alley.  The directions are in 18 different languages.  You may have just given me the inspiration to finish her.  Nice modeling

moxie pics 037


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  • moxie pics 037

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