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With the wealth of knowledge on this forum i know this is the best place to ask. 

I have the dairymen milk loading depot but it doesn’t have the controller. Wondering how to wire it with on off switches or momentary switch.  I have tried an on off switch between the transformer and the power terminal and conveyor terminal.  I get a light on and a slow moving conveyor.  I have tried a plug and play switch (on/off/momentary) with both power wires to the power terminals and the white wire to the conveyor.  I get the light on and a slow moving conveyor with the switch on and a fast conveyor with the momentary button engaged.  Doing both of these set ups on the ejector side i get only a light coming on, never a movement from the little worker ejecting cans.  I'm wondering if i have a bad ejector or if i'm just not wiring something correctly.  

I feel I’m missing something.  Thank you for the help!


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The instructions suggest you press the momentary button while the conveyer (belt) is running.  What happens if you momentarily activate "eject" with "belt" ON?


I couldn't find a video of this particular version but I was hoping to hear some kind of click or similar indication of a mechanical "gate" letting one and only one can thru for each momentary press.

I found this well-done video on youtube which suggests the eject is a separate mechanical operation and should not speed up the conveyer as is apparently the situation.  Contrary to the instructions, in this example the belt is disabled between each ejection cycle.


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Using GRG's pic of the internal wiring of the switch

If you are going to do a repair and open it up, note how the belt on/off slide switches one side of the AC power...but the eject button switches the other side of the AC power!  Fascinating.

The parts lists for the milk depot show so gear motor mechanisms that appear to use DC can motors.  So somewhere inside are some diodes.  Since it apparently operates up to 14V AC, I'd take a 9V battery and briefly power the eject DC motor itself. 

If the motor jerks but no eject cycle, then a mechanical jam.  If the motor spins then I'd look for a loose wire or mechanical adjustment to a cycle-limit switch that cuts power to the motor after each can goes out.  In the video above, you can see a consistent "hiccup" in the man's motion at the end of each cycle. 

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