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I purchased the 34" turntable just over 2 years ago. I have only had one track going over the table on both sides and FINALLY have the time to put in all the spurs off the turntable. When I started to set the indexing, I noticed that if I did a 180 degree turn the track was off by 3/16 of an inch. Now the manual explains a JOG feature that only needs to be set once for all spurs. My problem is somewhere between the eyes and brain things get confused. SO I CALLED MILLHOUSE SUPPORT and left a message. Yes I know it is Christmas week and I explained in the message he could respond back next year after things calmed down as he was closed. Within 20 minutes I received a text from him saying he would call me around noon ( about an hour and a half away). Imagine my surprise when I got a call in less than an hour and it was Alan. Not only did he tell me and GUIDE me through what to do but we talked for about 20 minutes afterwards. It was then I discovered he was on Vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida and was actually standing in a line for a ride when he called. Now folks all I can say is this " Name one other company that gives that kind of tech support." His product has worked flawlessly doing 180's for all this time and is so easy to program it makes me giddy. Honestly folks I just want to give a big shout out to so a superb company. Thank You Alan and I will do all I can to tell everyone about the best product and SUPPORT out there. Thank YOU!

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Curtish, Thank you the shout out and kind word!  It is my pleasure to give support to my customers. If wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t have a business. My family and I just landed early this morning back home after a wonderful getaway to sunny Orlando. We couldn’t of asked for better weather the no rain , beautiful sunny skies and 75-83 degrees every day! Now back to work and get caught up with all the orders we took in from our Christmas sale. Wishing everyone all the best in 2019! Happy New Year. 

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CSX AL is the “BEST” for customer support!!!!   I’ve called a couple of times, he’s always responded quickly  and  provided the help I asked for.   It’s been a pleasure doing business with Millhouse Studios and Al.

Thank you very much Craig, pleasure is all mine.

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