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I recently purchased this engine, and everything is working except the cab lights. I can use the + and - keys on my cab 2 remote to turn the cab lights on and off, but when I turn them on, they blink instead of being on continuously. The engine did not come with an instruction manual so I can't look it up. (I have purchased a copy from Lionel, but it hasn't come yet).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Easy answer- you have the wrong feature code programmed into the R2LC.

Most likely, to get a blinking result- it's current incorrectly set to 5 and probably should be set to (correction 6 for a steady on CAB light).

The most common codes used are 4 for Steam and 8 for a huge swath of diesels and electrics. The code 5 is the one that blinks a strobe, and in your case, it looks like 6 or 8 are the most probable answers.


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