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90 years ago (July 20th 1934) the Milwaukee Road F6 #6402 Baltic Hudson set a speed record of 103.5 mph whilst on route Chicago to Milwaukee as a promotion for the new Hiawatha passenger train
Scratch built Baltic by John Krumhaut from the Twin cities area using some parts from S Scale Locomotive & Supply...pulling Cleveland Design ( CD gage 3/16" scale / 7/8" gauge) Hiawatha passenger cars introduced in 1937

Cheers Carey

Please see link for video



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@Strummer posted:

Wow...whatta a fantastic model!   

Carey; perhaps you can help identify this:'s made almost entirely from cardstock, with some wood pieces (like the trucks/wheels!):


...and it is indeed S scale/gauge. I'm thinking it might be Cleveland...(?)

Mark in Oregon

Mark, after listening to the video that Carey sent, I would say there is no doubt it is CD.  The wooden truck and wheels are really cool.

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

A friend of mine temporarily owned the back stock of the CD train items many moons ago - some legal action caused the return to someone with a claim to the items, but my buddy got to keep one of each item from the stock as part of the deal. Those Hiawatha cars are nice, hopefully you can track down the Hiawatha 4-4-2 to go with that tender.

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