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Have been considering closed circuit video for monitoring multi train operation but I want to rule out this idea first.

I need to see around a corner.  When at my main panel I am positioned 30 feet from the corner and the blind area to be viewed is 12' wide and 25' deep at a 90 degree angle.

Have been looking at parabolic  mirrors.  Practical?  Size?  Available 18", 30" and 36" diameter.

There is a old narrow  PRR underpass in West Chester, PA  that uses one at a dog leg roadway configuration and it got me thinking.

Anyone use one of these??



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Do you have any photos of the section of track you are working on? You can label on them where the camera will be, where the mirror will be, etc. If you do, I might be able to help you as I too have been thinking of using CCTV on my layout, mainly for recording videos of the trains in action. Just send em over, and I'll see how I can help

Berkshire, Thank you, but what I am looking for is someone with a working experience with a convex mirror on their layout.  I would like to  avoid a large flat screen at my control location if it is possible.  If I go with the close circuit system the camera locations are already planned.

The area involves a walk in "U" shaped space w/ two levels of benchwork around three walls with an interchange and yard on the west end and a town with diesel and steam facilities on the east leg plus an upper and lower staging entrance / exit.  I just need to confirm which engines/trains are moving in which direction.

That portion swaps power between two DC  controlers and two AC controlers.  Sometimes one is just not too sure which is doing what when out of view.  Its a busy spot with 31 turnouts which could use five cameras. 

Just wondering if a wide angle mirror would simplify things??

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Tom Tee posted:

No one uses mirrors  to monitor hard to see train movements?

Well, I don't use any mirrors for train use.  But with a very little seat-of-the pants experience, I can tell you this: The further away YOU are from a mirror, the LARGER it needs to be in order for you to effectively see as big a picture as possible.

That being said. if you're 30' away from a mirror and need to see a reflection located 25' away, you'll actually be looking at something as if it were 55' away.  Therefore, a 36" dia. parabolic mirror would sure do a lot better job than anything smaller, I would think.

Just my logical opinion, of course.  Hopefully the mirrors you mentioned are somewhere that you can look at them before buying one.  Lean the mirrors up, step back 30' and see what you think.




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Have you considered the wyze cameras for you situation, the standard camera costs about $20.00 and you can view on cell phone or tablet. Just a thought.

Here is a link:  https://www.wyzecam.com/


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