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1) I happened to receive a few large spools of left over 12 and 14 gauge stranded wire in return for helping a friend on a wiring job.  The black is 12 and the other colors are the 14s.  I’m building a new layout and using DCS.  Is there any reason that I can’t use two size wires (black as neutral and the others as hot)?  I figured that they are both more than adequate from a DCS signal standpoint?

2) I seem to recall a soldering tutorial video sponsored by OGR.  Does anyone know where to find it?

3) For various reasons, I had to put work off on the layout for several months.  But also many months ago I had chosen to follow some discussion threads on the forum.  They seem to be dormant recently but I want to get back to them as a mind refresher.  I can’t seem to figure out how to do so?  Any direction on how to resurrect them would be appreciated.  

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1)  For a large layout the #12 is excellent for the main bus wires and #14 or #16 are good for track power taps off the bus terminals.  Stranded is best for terminal strip connections and solid is best for soldering to track.  Yes, both 12 and 14 are more than adequate from a DCS signal standpoint.

2)   Nothing stood out when using the Advanced Search on this forum.  When using a browser search engine I didn't see a specific soldering video in the OGR Backshop Videos.   Search for soldering O trains

3)  Start with SEARCH on this forum's top line for specific topics.

See Soldering and Bus Wiring for a large layout.

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