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I was in the middle of tearing down and cleaning up a gg1 2332 and somehow created a problem. I was following a video from someone who took the armature assembly out of the casing. I removed the retaining ring and the washers underneath, exposing the bearing balls. I tried to pull the armature out and it would not come out. So, I decided to put it back together for now. When I did, it was now loose. The armature can now press against the casing where the rod goes through to turn the gears for the wheels. I did put the washers and retaining ring back on. Picture does not show it.

So, unless there is an easy answer, I guess, from following the info on pg. 172 of my Greenberg, I could make sure I have all the parts and pieces to put it back together. However, I still have the original problem, how do I remove the armature? Is it ok to force it or punch it through?

(feel free to make fun of what is most likely a newbie mistake)

thanks, BillIMG_4067IMG_4066


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