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@Rob Leese posted:

My best guess:

Florence, SC and a little 0-4-0 that switched a cement plant. I have had too many of my posts deleted, so no photos.

So Rob...if you took the pictures of this loco, then post them and say you took them.  They won't be subject to copyright.  If you have photos and you didn't take them, then post a link to where they are that way folks can see them.

@WT.Co. posted:

No it was at Flo. S.C.

What is "Flo.S.C."? Would that be Florence, South Carolina?

I think it was a 4-6-2 , but when SCL became Amtrak, the eng vanished?

What do you mean "when SCL became Amtrak"?

Wondering if SCL took it,

Why would they?

or Amtrak cut it up?

Why would Amtrak even care?

Please don't loose sleep over this, I was just wondering where it went.

Just my opinion but, I believe you need to provide a LOT more information.

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