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In the upcoming Golden Gate Depot run, there is a chance to have Jenks cars offered as add-on cars for the Eagle. If you have an interest please email Scott at and let your interest be known.

Scott and his team working incredibly hard to make this a complete and one of their nicest offerings ever. So please, if you email your interest for the run, follow it up with your preorder if given the green light. It is not often a manufacturer will listen and take requests for a product.

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@PRRMP54 posted:

Maybe a picture of what you are referring to would help. Even if it were MP specific, it might interest someone who does not model MP. Just a thought.

Good suggestions. I avoided adding pictures due to the numerous copyright warnings lately. I will add below to help everyone out.


HO Brass Model - TCY BOYD REYES JENKS BLUE - RARE 1 OF 2!!! - CUSTOM 8 CAR SET - MP Mopac Missouri Pacific River Eagle Late 1960's - Pro Paint + Interiors | BRASSTRAINS.COM

Rapido Trains 107137 HO Missouri Pacific Steam Generator Car #102 [Jenks Blue)

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