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Im not sure if anyone at the office has noticed, but in mobile veiw, there is no indication as to what section of the forum you are reading from or posting to.

Often this is no big deal, but sometimes knowing what section may keep you from making a "toy" suggestion on 2rs/3rs or suggestions of using 0-90 Atlas for realism on the layout of a pre-war fan.

E.g. below; other than the text box, you can't tell what section this is.

I don't know where the section reference could be added.  However "O Gauge Railroad" does appear twice in a rather confined area . MaybeMayb very bottom of each page may be a better use of space for one. There is no logo at all down there.  Maybe just above the buttons to save or publish; a couple of nice word to be near for a subliminal word association anyhow Screenshot_20190228-130211


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It's not a question, it is a statement.

 Even if I'm only reading, I still cannot tell which section of the forum I am reading from. I just used that page as an e.g. because it was there and applied.

... One page I may use or need a desktop; on another I may need a mobile view, it can vary on which options work where that day due to updates and tweaks, who has, who hasn't, or bugs. 

So nerly every new post I make I'm guessing what section I'm posting too. The alternative to guessing is constantly switching between desktop and mobile just to see where each thread originates from or basically loading everything twice; i.e., chewing up data for "nothing" and sucking up space too .

Thank you Alan, the effort would be appreciated. Like I said it can vary how easily I can work around it.

   Thank you too John & HW; I always appreciate effort. 

  HW that IS the top on my mobile views... as in more than one device and/or browser. I prefer a desktop, but have found the combo is needed to perform best overall.

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