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There have been a number of 1/43 models of A's offered, several body styles by Brooklin, including Victoria, 2 and 4 door sedans... search Bay for Brooklin, but these are expensive, though common. Another common and inexpensive are Russian models of the GAZ Model A copies of the Model A built from Ford-provided dies, including open touring and maybe others.  I have others as this is a popular car to model.  Search 1/43 Ford .. which is about as close as is common in O scale

I love the Ford Model A - an American classic car that was made during the early Great Depression years and looks great with steam engines of the era. John Boy Walton drove one, and they're seen in many Depression-era movies, including one of my favorites, "The Sting" with Newman and Redford.

Here's a few photos showing the Athearn 1:50 scale Model A and the Mini-Champs 1:43 scale model. Both are very nice, and the Athearn although smaller is heavier due to superb construction, though the Mini-Champs is very well constructed as well.



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When compared to Athern's 1/50 model the 1/43 does look big.  The trick is to use one scale or the other and not mix them.  When used with our 1/48 scale trains, one is slightly too small...the other slightly too big.  Another trick  is to use the 1/50 models in the background.  I prefer to use the 1/43 exclusively because there is such a wide choice of models available in that scale.

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