Tichy and Grandt Line you order direct from the source - pictures on their sites.

Not captains of industry, not makers of things, keep your vulgar monies! We are a justice sandwich, no toppings necessary. Living rooms of America, do you catch my drift? Do you dig?

Same for Evergreen and Plastruct. You can order directly from either of them on line at their websites. I've ordered from both and the orders arrived fairly quickly as I recall.

Trainman2001 posted:

If you have a good local hobby shop, you can also buy from them. If they have to order it for you, you get it without paying for shipping. I try and keep my fabulous shop in business as much as I can. They're disappearing all the time.

What's a local hobby shop?  


Thanks for the Walthers suggestion....!! Kind of forgot about them back after they got out of O scale, yes, some time ago.   I just drove today several! miles to a "local" hobby shop...Plasttruct racks still, as usual, almost empty...no Evergreen, no scribed wood. Bought nothing...  tons of oddball stuff, nothing l could use....as usual...  Same as the shop yesterday...l need to get a jacket lettered, " lf you ain't got it, you can't sell it!"

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

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