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syracuse 2009 train boardClayton show 2009

Walker Model Railroad named after my father-in-law that got me started in O gauge railroading back 1990.

We lost Popa 4 years ago, I still miss him, but his name sake lives on with my train board that I take to 4 shows

in Northern and central New York State every fall.



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I made this one up.    The Azalia and Columbus RR.  Grew up in Azalia, Indiana.  The East Fork of the White River was about a mile away.  My Dad did a lot of archaeology, and found a Riverton settlement in a field.  A few thousand years ago it was next to the river, but now the river is about a half mile away.



Russell M.

TCA# 13-68704


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My O gauge really never has had a name. I occasionally refer to it as Larry's fantasy railroad.

My new One Gauge already has been named  by my wife actually.

Rock Creek Rail Road.

She already had hats and t-shirts made. That surprised the heck out of me. Even the grand kids got a t shirt.

The big deal is the outside layout isn't even completely done yet .lol


LCCA 29005 and  TCA 13-69595

I usually call  the lower level of the 4.5x9 "The SBC"; "Spaghetti Bowl Central" 

(pronounced P-sketti )IMG_20170107_164052

  It's elevated line serving an elevated mine is usually the "Happy Miser Line" as I'm big on Looney Tunes.  It mostly hauls silver & gold for Yukon Cornelius, but I've not come up with a good enough name to stick.IMG_20170709_063104

  The only one I actually made any effort at all for signage; a micro, my hand bent   0-21 is "Industrial Park South". It reminded me of the South Park cartoon. Likely some kind of unintentional plagiarismhere, so the credit was due.



"Still trying to not shoot my eye out"


"Nursing insomnia one railcar at a time"

My aroma therapy? Smoke Pellets.



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