Years ago, when visiting my parents house outside Pittsburgh, PA, we could see into a neighbors basements sliding glass outside door as we both shared a view across a small valley.  He had middle school boys who were having a great time running a Lionel train layout that had slot cars artfully added through out the layout.  The slot cars were getting the most attention.  I have always remembered that layout and thought the combination of model trains and slot cars on one layout would be neat and a bunch of fun to keep several operators busy.

Today's (5-29-2020) Wall St. Journal has an article on a $62 Million house for sale in Los Angeles that has a 12 car garage with a lounge and a Kippway race car track layout and F1 simulator.  Kippway is named after the owners first name, Kipp of Kipp Nelson and the slot car layout must be a custom made one.  I know I can not post a picture of this detailed and landscaped slot car layout as it is not my picture and I know this layout does not have model trains but you can see it on the link below, or maybe copy and paste to your topic or search window.

Picture of the slot car track and F1 simulator here - https://robbreportedit.files.w...2020/05/rubiks05.jpg
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For Christmas in either 1963 or ‘64; I received a Marx combination HO train and race set.  The train track was a simple oval and the race track a kind of squared off figure 8.  

I can recollect an occasional issue with the guidepin of a racecar catching on the track at the crossing causing the car to somersault.


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