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Years ago, when visiting my parents house outside Pittsburgh, PA, we could see into a neighbors basement sliding glass outside door as we both shared a view across a small valley.  He had middle school boys who were having a great time running a Lionel train layout that had slot cars artfully added through out the layout.  The slot cars were getting the most attention.  I have always remembered that layout and thought the combination of model trains and slot cars on one layout would be neat and a bunch of fun to keep several operators busy.

Today's (5-29-2020) Wall St. Journal has an article on a $62 Million house for sale in Los Angeles that has a 12 car garage with a lounge and a Kippway race car track layout and F1 simulator.  Kippway is named after the owners first name, Kipp of Kipp Nelson and the slot car layout must be a custom made one.  I know I can not post a picture of this detailed and landscaped slot car layout as it is not my picture and I know this layout does not have model trains but you can see it on the link below, or maybe copy and paste to your topic or search window.

Please share pictures or videos of your train layout with slot cars.
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Unfortunately I do not have anything set up currently but I can tell you that Lionel made a track piece/grade crossing that allowed you to use their 1/32 scale slot cars (of which I have quite a few) with o gauge track. AC Gilbert made a clever "universal" grade crossing for their Auto Rama slot cars that let you use HO, S gauge or 3 rail O track with their race sets. Atlas and I believe Aurora made HO grade crossings for HO slot cars as well. When I ever get around to it I will set up a Gilbert track and take some photos. I am still trying to get my hands on a set of the Lione 1/32 grade crossings. Gilber made some near approx 1/43 scale 1940 Ford coupe stock cars that would look good with O scale trains.

Tyco offered HO combination slot car / train sets which included a crossing.

FYI - We may be "on thin ice here".  I tried asking what years Lionel offered their Slot Cars and the topic got deleted, told it wasn't train related.

When I was a kid had my HO Eldon Slot Cars on the layout with my Athearn HO Trains but no crossings.

K-Line Superstreets have always been interesting to me.  Kind of a hybrid between a slot car and rail / roadbed type of track made to look like a road rather than ballasted track.

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There’s a member in TTOS SP division (SoCal) that incorporated a lengthy slot car track into his large multi level layout. The layout is no more because he moved but it was a lot of fun to race the slot cars while the trains were going around. Had some spectacular collisions  when the cars went too fast for the turns and flew off the track into a train!

I think I’ve got some pictures saved on my computer somewhere. I’ll have to find them and post a few

My dad has a big HO slot car set with 4 lanes that we set up in my train room (while I was waiting for the benchwork to arrive) and ran together with the rest of my family. No trains were run at the time because the slot cars are HO Scale, while the trains are O-Scale. I do have HO trains in a box in my bedroom, so maybe someday I should get the trains and cars running at the same time.

This kinda counts. I have a Lionel postwar layout and I wanted to set up my 1/32 scale slot cars on a semi portable foam top which can be set up for a week or longer in about 4 hours.

I built a 1X4 framework above the train table and laid 2" foam board on top. The foam is sturdy enough and very light weight. The slot car track sits in place without any fasteners. The framework uses very few screws and nothing affects the trains below. I suppose I could actually still run the trains but at my age crawling or kneeling on the floor to see them is not fun. This was set up for about 2 months over the Christmas holiday and is now deconstructed and stored until I get the motoring bug again.

Suspending it from the ceiling with a hoist and pulley system was my original idea but the possible resulting damage to the trains below from the construction process was too great a risk. Also, the look of the raised slot car track hanging down from the ceiling wasn't appealing to me, and lighting for the trains would be affected. I'm sure there are some who have successfully accomplished this but my basement ceilings are only about 7 feet tall.          TJIMG_3447IMG_3450IMG_3452


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Modern HO slot cars are 1/64 scale and pair nicely with O27 and other smaller equipment. Pull out those MPC car carriers and load ‘em with slot cars headed to the track!

Ironically, Lionel's white MPC trilevel autorack boxes carried a partial photo next to the window, of a trilevel 'rack with HO slot cars loaded on it. You could tell since their drive gears were visible under their shells.


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