Modeling a KRL 304 Type FM Heavy Duty 10-axle flatcar in O scale (three rail)

This O scale model is a 10-axle flatcar which is based on the KRL 304. This model is identical to the prototype KRL 304 except it has been modified to create a 10-axle version. Otherwise the overall dimensions of the model are identical to the 12-axle version. MTH 2-axle and 3-axle trucks were used on the model.

This model has a 11-1/4 inch platform length and an overall length of 17 inches.  A special feature of the model is the use of articulated truck bolsters which allow the car to operate on small radius curves. Because each truck is allowed to shift side to side the car can operate more smoothly through turnouts and yards. The model also features a low center of gravity for additional stability.





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Hello PRO HOBBY......

Was there such an model of Pennsy's ultra heavy duty flat car that uses 4 eight wheel trucks.  The trucks were from the 16 wheel tenders used on Q-2,Q-1, S-2, S-1, J-1a and some I1sa steamers.  I could not find much information on this depressed flatcar but saw the photo of it that was place in park.  I don't know where the photo was taken and or where I saw that picture ? Would you happen to know the specs of that flat car ?


Originally posted by GRFD59:

That would be the Queen Mary and it is located at the Railroaders Museum of Pennsylvania in Altoona


I thought the "Queen Mary" was an Observation car now part of some office structure in Wayne, NJ.?

Anyway, in an answer to the second poster's question, there were two prr flats with those massive trucks:

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