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On the edge of a lake, I need sheet piling.

There are two methods; 1) corrugated cardboard with face sheets stripped; and 2) JTT Scenery Product has an Architectural model product pattern sheet for 1:16 scale corrugated siding Corrugated Siding, Live Steam (1:16) 2/pk - SceneryProducts ( The JTT product looks sort of like sheet piling.

I thought I could 3D print a better "sort-of"  sheet piling. Actual Sheet piling is made of aluminum, composite and Vinyl.

Also, each piece locks into the next piece. They are pounded into the ground one at a time. So I took an actual sheet piling cross-section and scaled down a bit (not 1/48) so it was printable.  The results are shown below compared to the actual cross-section and an un-printable scale representation.sheet piling

I need to span about 32". The upper left shows the cross-section I will be printing. As stated, it also shows two other cross-sections; the actual cross-section taken from a manufacturers data sheet and what that shape looks like to 1/48 scale that is way too small to 3D print.

Each section with be 3-1/4" high.


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I thought the sheet piling prints above were too THICK and too much out of scale.

So I took the sheet piling profile from the manufacturer and resized them to be much thinner as shown: sp 1sp 2sp 3

The panels still interlock.

Printed 35 at once;sp 4

ordinarily I do not like printing thin ( less than 0.05") objects but since the vertical dimension was 3.5" the print was not an issue.


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  • sp 3
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