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Do the modern GP40 MTH Diesels have 8 wheel pickup like Atlas Diesels? 

I talked to Bill @ Atlas yesterday about some track I was running my diesel over that is the 36" flextrack with black ties. The GP40 made a low frying sound just when I ran over that piece of track. The diesel made no slowing,etc. Bill said it could just need cleaning. I also mentioned the trouble I was having as I can't get hold of MTH&he mentioned cleaning the wheels & track,which I did today with no change.

I don't think the GP40 has all wheel pickup which could cause stalling at the dead frogs which I never had with the Atlas GP15s I started out with. They used to fly through the frogs.of course I was running on straight DC with those.

I thought about using a lashup,but don't think that might be a cure all.

Bill also mentioned the 4750s that were due in 2016 should be here in another month but the diesels are another thing entirely.

The reason I think Atlas diesels are all wheel pickup,was that I never experienced stalling with the unpowered frogs on the HO Turnouts.

Thanks to all for your help in advance.

Al Hummel

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No need to guess or ask others.  To determine if both trucks are functioning for 2 rail pickup, set your multimeter to read resistance (ohms) and check for continuity between wheels on the same side of the two trucks.  Zero resistance - pickup by both trucks.  Open circuit - one of the trucks is not setup for 2 rail pickup.

Even though all my diesels have at least 8 wheel pickup, for assured smooth operation I power the frogs on all my turnouts. The easiest is with a switch motor (like a Tortoise) that comes with spare contacts.  With stall motor machines like SwitchMaster that lack contacts, I mount a single pole double throw micro switch under the bench work actuated by the switch motor throw bar.    For hidden turnouts with top mount machines, I'll top mount the micro switch so that it is actuated by the turnout throw bar.  

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