SOLD Modern Version of Lionel's Disappearing Train Layout $25

This Simulated Lionel Disappearing Train Layout is ready for a new owner who wants to display and run for fun.  If you run 2 similar consists, kids figure it out before the adults.

This is a Portable Layout for Train Meet Display (displayed at RMDTCA meets 2002 - 2008, etc.).
The layout is a Modern Version of Lionel's Disappearing Train Layout.
   One train disappears into the tunnel and a different train exits.

Price does Not include accessories or power supplies.

When folded for travel (42" x 52"), it fits in '92 Ford Bronco.

Portable Layout is $25 plus packing and shipping if required.
Payment - Please pay with US Postal Money Order. (TCA members may pay with a personal check.)

[The first potential buyer declined due to high shipping costs.  He was in Wayne, PA.   The layout is in the Denver Metro area.  Packing and Freight by Craters & Freighters would be $540.  UPS would be $720.  Anyone driving from here to York would not have the space to carry it. Size is 42" x 52" x 28" Deep  without packing with weight of 57#.]

2Sign End and Center3Sign End4Maiden End 2

Folded for travel.   Easy setup and tear down by one person.

5Center Top6Opening


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Are there any videos of the disappearing train layout in action ?   Never mind, just found some on Youtube.

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