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If you have seen some previous posts of mine, you know that I took an AtlasO SW9 and modeled it to be an SMS SW1200 #104 switcher.

SMS SW1200 Prototype and Model

I added a lot of little custom items to get the model as close as I could to the prototype.  But the side frames on the Atlas model were wrong.  Just recently I was able to get the correct side frames... well sort of.  Atlas only makes these in friction bearing and the SMS railroad has modern roller bearing trucks.

So I had an idea....

Grind down the side frame where the friction bearing is.

Drill an 11/64th hole.

I initially cut a screw, ground the top, put three dots of CA glue on the top and glued the piece in place.  It looked OK, but I was not 100% happy.


Then I found out Atlas sold the roller bearings from their parts department.  I called them up placed the order and two days later they showed up. 

I like these a whole lot more.  Just glues them in place, painted the truck and added some weathering powder.




One down... three more to go.

Have Fun!


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  • SMS SW1200 Prototype and Model
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That is sweet Ron…..I like!…a tip when drilling die cast if I may,…..get your hands on some nice quality countersinking bits, …I like the Irwin brand bits,…after you drill your hole, just use the smallest bit in your finger tips to ever so slightly put a tiny chamfer on your hole, this will police up the hole you made, and make it look machined, rather than drilled….just the lightest touch is all the difference, ….but your truck side frames look killer!!….nice work!!

Pat IMG_7816


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