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I wish there was an easy way to remove any/all signage and lettering from that quonset hut, but I sure don't know how it could be done without a whole lot of effort. I have both the Moe's Garage and U.S. Army Field Hospital versions, and really would like to convert Moe's into another Army quonset (just typical Army, without the hospital designations). Could use about five or six if they just made a "plain" version with OD or camo paint. As it is, Moe's still sits boxed-up off the layout because I can't figure out an easy way to convert it.

Allan, I'm trying to recreate the area where I worked in Vietnam.  We had two Quonsets parallel to each other about twenty-five feet apart.  They had doors and windows in the curve sides.  I would like to find two like them to complete the scene.

I've been looking at some other options and found a few in paper (not something I'm familiar with) and one or two undersized ones in plastic.

The Lionel huts don't look quite right and it would take four or six of them at nearly $50.00 each.

I'd rather not cut up the Menard's unit (it's almost the perfect size) because I have another use in mind for it.

I'm about ready to find some thin wall plastic pipe and cut it to size and add corrugated sheets to the outside.

Any suggestions from anyone will be gratefully appreciated.

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The hacksaw trick works and shouldn't take me more than a month or two.  (I'm slow and meticulous, pronounced "lazy").  It will do nicely for a Marine shop in Iwakuni.  I was in WERS 17 in 1973-1974...coldest place I've ever been and that is saying a LOT about winter on a peninsula in that climate.

I'm still going to seek out a couple more slightly smaller huts for the 69th Maintenance Battalion HQ that the Army had at Cam Rahn bay in 1969-1969.

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