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Here is a picture of the crew for the day......


Conspicuous by his absence was our newly elected President for 2019, Tom (Gilly@N&W), who set the layout up the day before, so that we could run trains when we got there.....while he traveled to Roanoke to attend his nephew's Eagle ceremony.

Here's a picture of Tom, from the Fall of 2018, working on the big layout.......





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Mark Boyce posted:
HCSader73 posted:

BTW, Peter, if you are having the Thursday breakfast at Tic Toc Diner in York in April, I will bring the maple syrup again.

Wow!  Maybe I should see if I can get away just to go to the Diner breakfast and head back to Butler, since I can't go to the whole meet!!    It's one of the best parts of York!!

It would be great to see you there, Mark! It was wonderful meeting so many OGR forum men to put faces to names.

RC3R was back at it today with another work party. Today, a cart to transport the seven modules that comprise our 12x15 modular layout. This cart will allow us to unload and transport all modules in one shot. We built it 33" wide, so it should fit through doors in most public buildings. The modules fit into a 72.5"x 30" well. Rick (in the light tee-shirt) rolled this into the trailer single handedly. We should be able to unload the trailer in less than 5 minutes. As I type this, I'm mulling over another smaller cart for handling the legs, plexiglass barriers, and skirts.

This cart was planned at the onset of this layout. The next item will be lift-out scenery sections for each module.


There is already discussion about building one of these for the modules on the large layout.


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A generous donation of PostWar has been cleaned, lubed and is "ready-to-roll" thanks to  my modular group colleague, Gary.....


2 gigs next weekend with the 12x15' layout......

Saturday the 16th: Bon Air Library 1-3 PM

Sunday the 17th: Virginia Train Collector's Train Show. Bishop Ireton Hall. 3300 Courthouse Rd, North Chesterfield VA 23236. 9-3PM




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March 17 was the Virginia Train Collectors swap meet in North Chesterfield, Virginia.....

1st the stills and then the videos.....


This next pic shows another O gauge group, the Silver Rail Club....


......and back to the RC3Rs


The Santa Fe AA is another PostWar donation that member Gary refurbished.....its pretty beat up on the outside, but a great runner. The growl of the dual AC motors can be very nostalgic!

I put a lot of station pics. Does anyone recognize it? It is an exact replica of the Ashland VA Amtrak station and was done by a local modeler.



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Some short videos from the 17th to finish.......and you can see what happens when 2 transplanted New Yorkers are running trains.....all of a sudden you are taken back to the heyday of the New York Central and you are transported to the Mohawk Valley between Utica and Schenectady.....

I love the Amtrak shots and love the growl of the PostWar Santa FE AAs......



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Peter, I certainly did recognize the Ashland station!!  Excellent job!  All the photographs and videos are great!  I recall Bon Air from my days in Richmond, but had to look at Google Maps to see what is called North Chesterfield!  I see up by the Chippenham Parkway that was extended since I lived there in '76 and '77.  I used to drive Rt 10 to work in the City at Vepco every day.  Yes, I guess a lot has changed!

You gents do a fantastic job!!

Though I haven’t posted on the thread recently, the group has been busy.

We are sharing a storefront with an out-of-season Santa display. Our pay-back is to run trains the 1st weekend of the month whit we did yesterday.

We participated in Ettrick Train day 2 weeks ago and spent a Saturday morning in my garage building the raffle layout for this Christmas season.

Here are some pics......I will split them up into groups.



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Working on the 12x15' today to get ready for our next show.....the Virginia Train Collectors swap meet in Charlottesville, VA on July 13th.......and did some clean up......after the meet we will be switching over to the big layout......and then the real 


The trolley did not do well on the 16", we switched to a simple L with 21" curves. We will have to bolster the bumpers a little.



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Back to the storefront for a display next weekend......


The Station Module crew getting ready for the winter season......


The TimeSaver expertly refurbished by Gilly@N&W.....


Gilly's Halloween layout.


We'll be using this layout next weekend to run trains and then it will be part of a Santa display in the store......


The TimeSaver front view......




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Today, RC3R setup at the Chesterfield County Fair. This is our first appearance since 2015. It was here in 2007 that the four charter members of RC3R first met to run trains with a club from the Crewe Train Museum. We debuted the large layout consisting of four corners and eight straights in 2009. We've been growing slowly and steadily ever since.


This is our 12x15 layout. It has proven itself to be a reliable and popular layout. This is it's 5th appearance this year. Today's setup was accomplished in about 1 1/2 hours. We are able to use it for displays as short as one day.  


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Gearing up as we get ready for the Fall Train Season......Midlothian Days is October 19th.

Running trains at the store for the public as we stand around and strategize for our upcoming events.


Have a great weekend......looking forward to seeing many of you at York. I will be walking around in a River City 3 Railer baseball cap.....if you see it, please introduce yourself. One of the great things about York is putting faces with a name....



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Putnam Division posted:

While I’m at work today the guys are busy setting up for the annual Science Museum of Virginia show......this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For more details, check out the museum’s website

Here are. Few pics........sure wish I was there to help them!


Great work, guys!


Looking forward to more images Peter. That's one cool ceiling!

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